Willow | Organic Muslin Cotton Dress | Raspberry Cream

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Fabric 100% Organic Cotton and Azo-dye free.

Sizing true to size

Details Similar to our Elvie dress, the Willow features an elastic waist for a comfortable fit, double layer skirt, neck detailing, scrunched sleeves, mother of pearl neck elastic clasp and a flowy fit throughout. 

How to wear

Cold days Add a cardigan on top, and some cute stockings, for extra cold days add a body underneath for warmth.

Warm days Texture muslin is very breathable, simply add some low cut socks and your little cutie is good to go.

Dress up Add a bolero cardigan to display as much of the beautiful details as possible, add some colorful stockings and your little ones finest shoes. Top off with a bow, or headband.

Dress down Add a pair of ankle high socks, some sturdy shoes and a button down cardigan kept open.

Why Organic Cotton? It's free from toxic chemicals that can creep onto the skin of your little one, the skin is our largest organ and highly absorbing, buying organic as much as possible lowers the total amount of chemicals your little one is exposed to. Organic cotton last longer, making it possible to save the pieces for future babies and even grandkids. Organic cotton is also softer and more comfortable, plus its better for the environment and our farmers. 

Why Azo-dye free? Azo dyes may contain any of more than 20 carcinogenic amines known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. That is scary stuff and would make any mom or dad worried. Unfortunately, they are still legal in the US. 

Rest assured all of our clothing is made with natural, non-toxic dyes always.