In our “Moms who inspire us” series, we will get to know some of the moms that inspire us here at Le Petit Lapin. We will feature lots of different moms, who each have qualities we want to highlight and celebrate. We hope that you will bring your curiosity, as we explore moms who do things your way, their own way or a whole new way. Motherhood joins us all, in motherhood we are all inspiring in unique ways.

Elizabeth Homen is a successful content creator, wife and mom who has garnered over 190.000 followers for her creative videos, her honest reviews of popular toys, beautiful pictures of children's clothing and much more. A mom why have really cracked the code, on how to make a living, while being a full time at home mom. We got her to talk about how she got started, what keeps her going, her joys in motherhood and much more.

Theresa: We have collaborated on several occasions, and you were one of the very first creators I worked with. I adore the creative videos and beautiful pictures you take. Can you share how you got started in content creation and what inspired you?

Elizabeth: My now almost 4-year-old was born when Covid very first started. It was during the lockdowns when you couldn’t go anywhere. Because family was limited in being able to see her, I started posting pictures of us on Instagram to share with family. What started out as sharing our favorite things quickly grew into a following. Now I get to stay home with my babies and earn an income from inspiring other parents to create a magical childhood for their little ones too. It’s pretty special!

Theresa: Arguably, you might have all the coolest toys, the latest gadgets, decor and play items through your work. With all this, what does your daily go to play set up look like most days?

Elizabeth: It varies day to day! There are certainly some play items that are a hot commodity in our house though. Right now, my kids are really into their play silks - they are so good for imagination too! My one year old loves dinosaurs, so he plays with these rubber dinosaurs that we got from Amazon almost every day. The best toy we have ever gotten would be the kid’s Tonie boxes and the Tonies that go with them. They are virtually audiobooks and soundtracks for popular characters/movies that are integrated into plastic figurines that can be played by setting them on a Tonie box. My kids LOVE THEM and use them every single day. They have dramatically cut down the amount of screen time in our house because they are screen free, which is a win as a mom!

Theresa: My kids love Tonie's too. What keeps you motivated to continue creating? Do you have moments of feeling uninspired/run down?

Elizabeth: The number one thing that keeps me motivated is my kids. The income I have been able to earn through content creation is 4-5x what I would be making as a nurse. My kids have more money in their savings accounts than I had the day I got married. Giving my children financial freedom is my ultimate goal.

The second thing that keeps me going is the connections I have made with other creators and followers. When someone messages me saying that I inspired them to make a playroom for their child/do something magical for the holidays/or most importantly, just spend more time with their child it is such a special feeling. We have also donated items to parents in need that I have connected with through Instagram. Being able to give back is such a special feeling! 

All that being said, the burnout is real! There are highs and lows (just like motherhood). I try to keep my mindset on the end goal as well as make it fun! And sometimes (just like motherhood) you just have to ride it out. My favorite quote that I remind myself of when going through a low is, “this too shall pass.”

Theresa: That's awesome. Congratulations on all your success. Is motherhood how you envisioned it pre-pregnancy? What has surprised you the most?

Elizabeth: Yes and no! I grew up in a big family and I always babysat/nannied for other families. So I have been around/worked with kids my whole life. I also worked in a daycare in college. Motherhood was so much harder than I expected though. It’s also more rewarding than I expected. I think society puts an insane (and unrealistic) amount of pressure on moms with very little, to no appreciation for all that they do. As tiring as it is, I am also glad that I am the default parent. The bond I have with my kids is so special. The unconditional love is like nothing else. I love getting to share that with them.

Theresa: If there is a mom sitting out there, feeling guilty that they might not have all the *cool stuff* do you have any reassuring words for her?

Elizabeth: All your kids really care about is your time and attention - that means more to them than any toy or trip. Sure toys are fun but if you aren’t playing with them then it’s loses most of its value. My kids’ favorite activity is when I chase them around the kitchen with a vacuum - that’s totally free and requires zero toys! I think they like it so much because mom and dad are actively playing with them.

Theresa: You recently celebrated your son’s 1st birthday. Any advice for a mom soon to be welcoming her second child?

Elizabeth: I was SO scared to have two kids, I overthought everything! Sure some things are harder/take longer but seeing your kid grow up with a sibling is SO rewarding. The older one helps too so in someways, it gets easier with multiples. I think the most important thing to do once you have your second baby is to carve out one on one time for the older child. It doesn’t have to be a ton of time, just one activity a day that you do with just them. A new baby requires a lot of attention and the older child can easily get “pushed to the back burner.” Just letting them know that your love for them hasn’t changed and that you still make time for them goes a long way.

Theresa: Such good advice. Thank you so much for your time, can't wait to follow along in all the amazing partnerships you have in store.

Elizabeth: Thank you!

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