Dale: Why did you start Le Petit Lapin?

Theresa: Before my daughter was even conceived, while we where still just in the trying stage, I would go around malls, outlets and second hand shops and find goodies and pieces that would bring me so much joy, I would wash and hang them, and just allow myself to get excited about this new part of my life. There is something about clothing, the first thing of your child's you can touch before they are here, and then all the way to storing it away when they outgrow it. There is so much emotion in it, understanding the ancient history of how clothing has always been there to bring joy allowed me to dive into the world of garment creation without guilt of feeling it was superficial. I had lot's of creative ideas of pieces I felt like I could add to the world of children's clothing. It's not that I felt like there was something missing I was adding, there is so many amazing gorgeous companies out there, but every creator is different and I felt like I wanted to take some space out. The joy I would get in the creative process was alike no other I had felt before with any work, I really found my hobby I had been searching for. I just knew as I sat down and drew my first collection that this needed to succeed, I had really found my *thing*. 

Dale: How did you first discover you had a design talent?

Theresa: I think i'm still learning to trust I do. I didn't go to art school, I have no design degree and I have no work experience in the industry before I launched. Before Le Petit Lapin I worked in tech. But I have always felt the most passionate in creative jobs, I’ve worked in interior design, I modeled for half a decade, and as a child I was the kid making short films, playing photographer, running the school newsletter etc. 

Dale: What are you most proud of?

Theresa: It can both be overcoming obstacles within the operations of the company that’s a very adrenaline fueled, direct and obvious sense of pride I feel. It can also be sweet moments like being told my customers children beg them everyday to wear my clothe, or that they recommended my brand to friends. It also makes me feel insanely proud every time a retail store reach out and asks me if they can carry Le Petit, when just two years ago I was reaching out to stores to essentially beg them more or less, to take a chance with me. 

Dale: What helps you be both a present mom and a successful business woman?

Theresa: I feel really privileged that I can work from home with my kids, and I can bring my kids to the warehouse as well, they both love to tag along, which is really sweet. Because the operations of the day to day aren’t necessarily concentrated like a normal 9-5 I have lots of time with my kids during the day. So when you put the question like that, I don’t really have a problem in that. More so, because a lot of my work is on social media as well, I can easily find myself spending a lot of time scrolling Instagram. It’s something I really want to work on concentrating down to something that would look a bit more like only going on my phone when there is a task, and putting it down when it’s done.

Dale: What has been the biggest challenge that you had to overcome with the business?

Theresa: Production delays. Hands down. It reigns as the singular highest source of stress. Because it bleeds down and causes all these other issues to erupt. Delays=unhappy clients=lower repeat rate=more cancellations=bad brand experience and on and on. If I could, and I will hopefully, solve the cause of delays there really wouldn’t be anything stressful about the business, I love every other aspect of it. I work with a factory who also work with a lot of the bigger, more senior names in high quality children’s fashion, so sometimes us little guys gets under prioritized in deadlines. 

Dale: What’s been the biggest struggle running Le Petit Lapin?

Theresa: I think same as above. We had a really bad several month long delay in our previous collection. It was a winter collection that ended up arriving in December. For reference, you want your winter collection to arrive in April/May. But, back up on the horse! I rebranded photography of some of our holiday dresses to birthday dresses and it ended up working out fine.

Dale: What’s your number one advice for other moms, wanting to be successful in starting their own business?

Theresa: Well, first know that you don’t need to be a business owner to be successful. If you find fulfillment and success by just being a stay at home mom, or you just want to work corporate or whatever it may be, that’s successful too. Secondly, I would advise you really search within and find something you are passionate about, explore different avenues and look inward and find what sparks within you. Don’t just chase the next get rich quick scheme. Jump into it, carve that space out for yourself in both your little world, and the world. Every business is different and concrete advice would look so different from business to business, but the above should ring true in most cases. Know that you deserve something for yourself outside of motherhood. Your kids will appreciate seeing that you find joy, in whatever it may be for you.

Dale: What’s on your bedside table right now?

Theresa: I don’t have one. I recently had to move our bed over on the other side of the room because my daughter is scared of the dark right now, and sleeping next to the window helps her, so in my windowsill right now is a ceramic cup of water my daughter made, a unicorn nightlight that projects stars, a Hatch nightlight, a Tonie box and a H.C Anderson story book in Danish and a my favorite lip balm from Smith’s Rosebud Salve. 

Dale: Thank you, and we can’t wait for the new collection!

Theresa: Thank you! Me either. Lots of exciting stuff happening this year, thank you for being along the journey.

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